why is facebook asking for photo id

why is facebook asking for photo id

Why is facebook asking for photo id
The company told Wired that face recognition is automated, and that the photo is deleted from its servers as soon as verification is complete. It appears that the user is locked out of their account until they upload the verification photo.
– Nov. 29th 2017 3:56 am PT

Facebook has begun requesting users upload a selfie to verify they are a real person and not a bot.
The automated photo verification process, which checks if the photo uploaded is unique, is being tested by Facebook on a small pool of users.

  • Ваше удостоверение личности должно быть выдано в стране, где вы намерены показывать рекламу, и эта страна должна быть указана в документе.
  • Если у документа есть срок действия, он должен быть действительным.

Чтобы подтвердить имя или вернуть доступ к аккаунту, вы можете прислать нам один документ из первой группы. В этом документе должно быть четко видно ваше имя, а также фото или дату рождения.

“Now when he goes to log in, he is being asked for a scanned document to verify his identity. Honestly, I think this is ridiculous! He is being asked to submit a picture of his birth certificate, driving license or marriage certificate. I have never been asked for anything like this in all my time on Facebook and I think it is ridiculous to ask people to do this. No wonder there is so much identity fraud!!”
Facebook asks users to scan or take a photo of their personal documents. Then upload them when prompted while trying to access their account.

Why is facebook asking for photo id
But Terry didn’t seem to get it.
That actually removes authenticity from a person’s profile. Why not use a generic name instead?