where are my google hangout photos

where are my google hangout photos

Where are my google hangout photos
Ever since Google Talk has been updated to Hangouts, users have been able to send pictures to each other over chat, making it easier to hold conversations that include transfer of images. It has now come to notice that the images you share over these Hangout conversations end up in your Google+ Photos section as a separate album.
While it’s a great move to store away images you’ve shared over Hangouts for future usage, it looks kind of intrusive to save pictures even when you’ve asked Google to not save chat history. Essentially, Google will not save your text messages, but it will save pictures you’ve shared in the particular conversation.

All of the photos and videos that you share will be available in the Google album archive. From here, you can download and delete photos. Here’s how:
When you open a Google Hangouts with friends, you can share photos with each other using the platform.

Where are my google hangout photos
My public albums and albums shared with you are visible in my Google Album Archive:

For example:
My Google+ Profile URL is: plus.google.com/103172072345300450419

Where are my google hangout photos
When you click a photo in the Hangout history you will be sent to an URL that looks like https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/albums/string-1?pid=string-2&oid=string-3. To be taken to the album just delete ? and all the characters to the right of it. The resulting URL will look like this:
The photos owned by the user uploaded through Hangouts conversation can’t be seen from Google Photos (http://photos.google.com), only on the owner Google Album Archive.

Hangout app in mobile devices can be used to share pictures as well. All shared pictures are stored automatically and privately in Google Photos. It is true that you can use the options present in the app to save photos in your phone. But it is also possible to access those shared photos from other devices like a PC.
To access photos shared in Google Hangouts :