pwm opensource forum

pwm opensource forum

Some operating systems come equipped with a pre-installed version of Apache Tomcat and Java. Some administrators prefer to use the operating system instance of tomcat while others prefer a standalone tomcat instance for PWM. Keep in mind that the default tomcat settings found on Apache Tomcat downloaded directly from Apache’s website are used to test and develop PWM. Conversely, some operating system delivered tomcat configurations can cause problems for PWM.
PWM is only tested with Apache Tomcat v7 and higher. Other application servers may or may not work.

Pwm opensource forum
A WAR file suitable for deployment on Apache Tomcat is created in webapp/target directory. Rename to pwm.war and copy into tomcat/webapp directory.
docker load –input=jib-image.tar

Pwm opensource forum
The Linux Kernel’s PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) interface now has an atomic API for those writing drivers for fans, LEDs, vibrators, and other supported devices.
Phoronix: Linux PWM Gains An Atomic Interface In Linux 4.7

On windows machines we are currently using Matlab/Simulink -> Keil Microvision -> openOCD +telnet to program and flash our devices.
by srantonio » Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:26 pm

Pwm opensource forum
After doing some research, the enclosed circuit designs are what I came up with. I am redesigning the circuit diagrams using Eagle and plan to open up these up to the Open Source community so I would welcome any feedback from much more knowledgeable people if this is a sufficient design or if there is something better that I should consider.
· Use common, easily available parts (besides circuit board).
· Use separate 24VDC regulated 240W (10A) power supply to drive each “LED Grow Bar”.
· Each “LED Grow Bar” consists of a total of (80) 3W 700mA LEDs (240W max).
· Each “LED Grow Bar” consists of (7) PWM channels to control (7) different types of LEDs.
· A NodeMCU-ESP8266-12E microcontroller along with ULN2003A ICs will be used to control the PWM.
· PWM output to be 3.3VDC using standard RJ45 connectors. These can be linked together as many as needed (what would be the max number?).
· Power Supply Plug would be a 10A standard C13/C14 computer power cord rewired to have 24VDC; 3.3VDC and GROUND.
· Plugs to LEDs would be common 10pin PC board Header connection plugs.