out post fire wall

out post fire wall

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Out post fire wall
The protection of this firewall is based on three principles:
Outpost Firewall is a useful tool for all those people that want to feel protected when they browse the Internet. It’s a powerful firewall that will avoid any external threat from accessing your computer. You can feel safe with Outpost Firewall.

Out post fire wall
1. Гасим фаервол, кнопкой ВЫХОД
2. Пуск-Выполнить-RegEdit
3. Идем в HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREAgnitumOutpost Firewall
4. Ищем параметр EnableGzipEncoding
5. Присваиваем значение 1
6. Запускаем фаервол и радуемся
Знаю что не туда, но вроде и больше некуда

Out post fire wall
Outpost Firewall Pro (personal firewall) is designed to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic on Windows machines. Like most advanced PC firewalls (ZoneAlarm, Comodo, etc.), Outpost goes beyond monitoring internet traffic and also monitors application behavior in an attempt to stop malicious software covertly infecting Windows systems. Agnitum calls this technology “Component Control” and “Anti-Leak Control” (included into HIPS-based “Host Protection” module). The product includes also a spyware scanner and monitor, together with pop-up blocker/spyware filter for browsers (Outpost’s web surfing security tools include also black-lists for IPs and URLs, unwanted web pages elements filter and ads blocking. They are called “Web control” altogether).

Outpost Firewall is a software-based personal firewall package for Microsoft Windows developed by the Agnitum (founded in 1999 in St. Petersburg, Russia). It is available in both paid and freeware versions. The paid version by default has 5 language packs – English, German, French, Spanish and Russian while the free version has only the English interface.