imagechef how to

imagechef how to

Imagechef how to
-Click anywhere on your symbol on the grid to highlight it.
-Drag it to the new location on the grid.

Message Boards or Forums:

Most online forums or message board services use a different format to link images. To post a photo on this type of site, find the ‘Message Boards’ box on the bottom of the page and copy the text to the clipboard using the Edit menu ‘Copy’ command. Go to the site where you would like to post your image. Paste the text into the form either using the Edit menu’s “Paste” command or by typing Control-V (Command V for Mac users).
1) Click on the image of your choice.

What kind of images does ImageChef make?
Our images are currently JPEG (.jpg) for still images and animated GIF (.gif) files for animations.
We normally respond to email within two business days. If we have not responded in that time frame, please send us another note; sometimes things do get lost.

Imagechef how to
While there are a number of handy web services that provide the option to send e-cards, such e-cards are often not very customizable and only allow adding a small note and the name of the recipient. ImageChef is a web service which provides the option to customize readymade templates to create attractive images, which can be used in a number of ways, such as e-cards. In the wake of the holiday season, the ImageChef service has featured some attractive templates for Christmas. All content created using this service can be shared through a wide range of options such as via social media and email. You can also get an embed code and embed the created image to your blog. Personalized images created using ImageChef can also be used for a number of other purposes, including use in PowerPoint slides.
After your image is complete, you can select the image size and share it using various sharing options. The sharing options allow you to share the image to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5 and other services. Furthermore, you can send the image via email and get a sharing link or embed code to embed the image on your blog.

In addition to the photo and image templates, ImageChef also comes packed with a number of different text templates. If you’re tired of your boring old text messages on social media, you can use these to create a distinct look that’s sure to draw the eyes of your followers. ImageChef comes naturally packaged with 40 different text templates, and new ones are added every week, so the sky’s the limit on how you can customize text-based messaging. Even cooler is the addition of visual poetry templates. These take text customization to the next level by transforming your words into a number of different shapes. Users can customize both the color and the style of these visual poems.

  • An incredibly easy to use photo and text editing platform
  • Strong support from the developers and community means that the options available to you are always growing