how yo find admin of a facebookid

how yo find admin of a facebookid

How yo find admin of a facebookid
Given screenshot shows where is your Facebook User ID.
Facebook Admin ID is necessary to take control of Facebook social plugins like FB comments, because without adding “fb:admin” meta tag you won’t able to moderate Facebook comments. Similarly, many other Facebook apps depend upon FB Admin ID.

How yo find admin of a facebookid
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Facebook changes things up pretty often. Though that should never change, third party websites provide some functionality to determine this. Those, of course, could quit working too, but between these two options you should be able to find your ID:

How yo find admin of a facebookid
Make sure you have set up your username or else follow the below mentioned step.
If you are configuring Facebook open graph using any plugin or via manual code, you will be needing at least these two details:

How yo find admin of a facebookid
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view the source code and search for following Meta tags. There is at least the developer listed and also the admin to moderate comments and admin the virtual fanpages generated by likes and comments.

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Facebook page hosted by some group of facebook profiles or a single profile can host it. When you create facebook page, there should be a profile attached to that account to access full features. There is a feature of fb pages that you can show number of admin on your page sidebar. But some pages don’t show their admin.
So if you wish to see those Admins you can try this trick:

  • Go to your messages tab and click “Other” or “Other Messages” on the sidebar.
  • Here you will see updates from pages, look for the update from a page that you are looking to track admin.
  • Now open an update and go to this update from your mobile device (only facebook mobile site).
  • If you don’t use mobile device you can browse on your desktop browser too, replace ‘WWW’ with ‘M’ in address bar and hit Enter.
  • When you’ll go to that update by facebook mobile site you will see a profile link in subject line of update, click this link and you will land to profile that is attached to facebook page or say admin of that page.

Note that You can only apply this trick if page sent you an update ever in past. Pages that didn’t send you any update yet, you cannot see admin of those pages.