how to view photos shared with me on hangouts

how to view photos shared with me on hangouts

How to view photos shared with me on hangouts
Go to
There you will found a album named Photos from Hangouts
How can I get to this album from Google Plus or Google Photos?

How to view photos shared with me on hangouts
A few days ago, my colleague and I stumbled upon something that freaked us out. We both are IT folks and wannabe security experts. We are basically very paranoid folks when it comes to how we access, share and communicate on the web. Perhaps this is how we were shocked at what we stumbled upon the Google Hangout as we use it often to chat and communicate. After all, Google Hangouts are encrypted and secured right. Well, yes, technically,so we thought.
Naturally we tested this theory a few more times and proved to be true. So we reached out to Google through the Google Vulnerability Reward Program and reported the issue convinced it was worth looking into. After a few days, we were made aware that this is not a security issue at all! We were told that this was not a security bug but basically how Google Hangout Works

How to view photos shared with me on hangouts
For example: On Google+ I am or

That means you can see all my public albums and all albums shared with you at: or

You won’t see any Hangouts albums there unless we’ve been in a Hangout together and I shared an image.
Note: Google+ Photos will be retired starting July 29, 2015. You will still be able to find your own Hangout albums in Picasa Web Albums after that date.
Note: as of November 19, 2015, Google+ Photos links redirect to Google Photos. You can only access your Hangouts albums in Picasa Web Albums. (

To access photos shared in Google Hangouts :
Hangout app in mobile devices can be used to share pictures as well. All shared pictures are stored automatically and privately in Google Photos. It is true that you can use the options present in the app to save photos in your phone. But it is also possible to access those shared photos from other devices like a PC.

If that ‘secret’’ link is ever revealed, anyone anywhere will be able to see it until I go and delete that specific sharing instance. And I’d have no way to find out that they were viewing it!

  1. another Google Account it wasn’t shared with (25 seconds in), and;
  2. an incognito window where I’m not logged into any Google Account at all (39 seconds in)!