how to search in someone’s facebook profile

how to search in someone’s facebook profile

For example, last month, the company rolled out its Search FYI feature, which makes anything you ever posted publicly easily searchable.
The new search function shows up as a separate search box in the right-hand corner of their profile, allowing for you to search their page for specific words or phrases.

How to search in someone's facebook profile
Click the name or press Enter.
Use the fields on the right side of the page to zero in on your actual friend.

How to search in someone's facebook profile
He then gave us a pretty specific example that illustrated how the feature works. A few months ago, Kazi wore an entirely plaid outfit to work after losing a bet, and some of his co-workers took photos of him and posted them to Facebook. Months later, a search for “Rousseau Kazi plaid” pulled up a number of specific posts that friends in his network had shared that contained both his name and the word “plaid.”
“People want mobile,” says search product manager Rousseau Kazi. “We know this is a company priority, a search priority. People want a stronger, better, faster mobile search.” And Facebook believes people want to find not just other people with search, but specific memories, photos, articles, and other content that users share. “We have more than just the humans on Facebook,” says search product manager Rousseau Kazi. “People share what makes us human on Facebook, which is really powerful.”

There could be hundreds of reasons if you ask users why they wish to check someone’s else’s or their own timeline to look for something that was published years ago. However, some reasons are worth noting. Facebook has not only brought people closer but has worked as a medium for international businesses to collaborate and indulge in closer business relationship ignoring the boundaries.
It will have the name of the user. A dropdown saying timeline and next to it would be another dropdown saying recent. Once you will click on recent, you will get the option to select any specific year for and the timeline will start showing the post for that year. You can also select the exact date to be more specific about the detail.

How to search in someone's facebook profile
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