how to get past with proxy avoidance k9 web protection

how to get past with proxy avoidance k9 web protection

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Use to bypass K9 Web Filters and obtain access to the desired Internet destinations that would otherwise be prohibited (see Resources). is a cost-free service that enables users to get around Internet blocks like K9 Web Filter to allow browsing online while remaining anonymous. To get started with unrestricted browsing, simply type the URL for the desired site into the text box found beneath the introductory text on the screen and click the “Go” tab to bypass the K9 Web Filter settings.
Go to the TrendySurf-On proxy to be able to work around K9 Web Filters and other Internet restrictions. TrendySurf-On is a free proxy site that grants anonymous and secure browsing to sites that are restricted by K9 Web Filter. To bypass the K9 Web Filter that is hindering your Internet surfing freedom, type the URL for the Web destination you wish to view into the text box in the middle region of the screen and click the “Go” tab so TrendySurf-On can redirect you to the previously filtered Web page.

Hi there! You can use a proxy to go around the site. There is a good list of them here:
Since it worked for Ruby maybe he can share his thoughts here.

Prior to configuration, you will need to download and install the application. It is CRITICAL that you use your accountability partner’s email address for the license request. Do not register the product with an address that you have access to.
If you do not know how to install an application on your Mac, you can find basic instructions on how to do so here, and somewhat more detailed instructions here (pages 15-19)
Make sure the accountability partner’s email is listed, not the user’s.