how to delete images from google album archive

how to delete images from google album archive

  • Share a link to a single Album in the Album Archive:
    • Go to Album Archive at
    • If not logged on already, Log On using your User Name and Password.
    • Click on the Album you wish to share to open it.
    • Copy the Web Address with User ID from the browser address bar
      Example: [lots of numbers and letters]
    • Email or publish this web link to anyone you want to be able to view your Public Album.
      • When opening links such as these, the arrow in the upper left corner goes back to your archive URL
        Example: .
      • A much better way of sharing an Album is to use the Google Photos Sharing features.
      • Using this method y ou can share
        • All Public Albums, also new albums (see below for how to create new public albums)
        • Older Picasaweb albums of the type “Limited, anyone with the link”
          New albums seem to give an Error 404. Check the link in a private (incognito) browser window before sending the link to people.
    • Share a link to a single JPEG image
      • Using the Chrome browser, install this extension Google Photos Direct Link
      • Go to Album Archive and click an album then click an image
      • On the bottom middle will be a message, “Image URL copied to clipboard”
      • The URL will look something like this: of numbers and letters=w1000-no-tmp.jpg
      • This URL will not expire in 30 days because the URL is from the Album Archive rather than from Google Photos

    When you create a new album in Google Photos, it is “Private” by default. These third-party tools that use Picasa API may help to change the visibility of your albums . Use at your own risk! We do not guarantee they will work.

    How to delete images from google album archive
    You’ll find Album Archive at the bottom of the list in your About Me settings. This is where you can make tweaks to what people online can see in your account. Album Archive pulls your albums from Google+, Blogger, Picasa, Hangouts, Google Photos, and Google Drive. Each album is fully accessible from inside the Album Archive interface (view, download, and delete), so you won’t be booted over to the service it was originally uploaded to.
    We don’t know exactly when this feature was added, but it’s not exactly easy to find. We can say it was not present in late 2015, and the earliest we’ve found any discussion of Album Archive is last month. Regardless of how old it is, this is a cool feature.

    How to delete images from google album archive
    When you click a photo in the Hangout history you will be sent to an URL that looks like To be taken to the album just delete ? and all the characters to the right of it. The resulting URL will look like this:
    For some time you could see pictures someone sent you via Hangouts in an album called “Hangouts”. This vanished somehow.

    1. Go to in a browser on your Mac or PC to access your album archive. Make sure you’re logged into your Google account.
    This will open Google Photos. Select the three dots at the top of the screen again, and then select “Move to trash” to delete the photo.

    How to delete images from google album archive
    Uploading an image into a blog post using the Insert Image tool stashes the image file online in a blog-specific album bearing the name of the blog.
    This album is in a kind of album-of-albums called “Photos from Blogger.” Accounts with multiple blogs will have multiple blog albums.