how to delete hangouts photos

how to delete hangouts photos

Enter your password
Deleted images will automatically disappear from your Hangouts conversation.

  • If you don’t see the “Delete Photo” option, select “Manage in Google Photos” from the drop down menu. (Your personal Google photos and the ones you share in Hangouts are all stored in the Google album archive.)

All of the photos and videos that you share will be available in the Google album archive. From here, you can download and delete photos. Here’s how:

How to delete hangouts photos
(1) Open your Gmail account and head to Hangouts window (bottom left corner) or go to
(2) Open the chat that you want to delete.

How to delete hangouts photos
You maybe looking for how you can delete a picture from hangout chat history, right?
Well, although it’s easy but many people might find it a little bit hard. First way you can delete is by clicking on the settings (the gear sign on the top right-hand corner). But in that way your picture still be viewable by the person you have shared picture with. Because it will delete your copy of the conversation. As you will see “This will delete your copy of the conversation, and you will no longer be able to view these messages.” I think the second option is better.

Option two:
1. Go to Google Picasa web albums make sure you log in with the same email that you have sent the picture with.
2. Find the album called “Photos from Hangouts” and delete which ever picture you want. Remember what ever picture you delete here will not find again.

How to delete hangouts photos
The only workaround for people using the free version is to delete the entire Hangout, which is hardly ideal. If you do delete the Hangout from your side, the person you were talking to will still be able to see all the messages that have been sent so far.
While many chat apps and services allow you to delete a message, unfortunately Google Hangouts doesn’t. That is, unless you have the paid ‘enterprise’ version known as Hangouts Chat which comes as part of the G Suite service offered by Google to businesses and schools