how do i delete my hangouts account

how do i delete my hangouts account

How do i delete my hangouts account

  1. Launch your browser and open a new tab.
  2. Navigate to this link and sign in to your Gmail Account.
  3. On the left side, click on the down arrow in front of your name. Clicking on the “Arrow Down” button in front of the name.
  4. Scroll down and click on the “Sign out of Hangouts” option. Clicking on the “Sign out of Hangouts” button
  5. Click on the “Settings” cog on the right side and click on the “Settings” option. Clicking on the “Settings” cog and selecting “Settings” button
  6. Select the “Chat” tab and check the “Chat Off” option. Clicking on the Chat Tab and selecting the “Chat Off” button
  7. Click on the “Save Changes” button.
  8. This will remove Google Hangouts from your computer.

iOS doesn’t pre-install Google Hangouts but it can be downloaded from the App Store. Therefore, in this step, we will be showing you the method to permanently get rid of Google Hangouts from iOS. For that:

How do i delete my hangouts account
In order to communicate, send messages to your friends, make free video or voice calls and log in and use Google Mail (gmail), you need to delete your Google Account to completely close your Google Hangouts account.
To block invitations from Hangouts users who haven’t contacted you yet, click the link while logging in with the email address you use Hangouts from your computer.

How do i delete my hangouts account
On your Mac or PC, go to and log into your account, then follow these steps.
You can limit how people contact you on Hangouts, essentially disabling it so you can’t be bothered.

How do i delete my hangouts account
Is there a way to delete the pictures or folders from the gallery or at least have the gallery not synced with the Hangouts application?

  1. Go to Google+
  2. Using the dropdown menu on the upper left side of the page, select Photos.
  3. In the search box in the top of the screen, select the down arrow. – Animated gif on the Google help page shows where this is located as it is not intuitive (expand Desktop computer).
  4. Select Hangouts.

How do i delete my hangouts account
What does it mean when the pic is faded and it says they are active are they talking to other people
Please bring back the old version as cannot see whos online