google hangouts albums

google hangouts albums

Google hangouts albums
The albums are easy to find and will be titled “Hangout: [Contact’s Name] ● [Your Name]” as default. You can change the title if you wish to. The worrying part is that Google+ will contain image backups from your Hangouts even if you explicitly disable automatic back-up within the Google+ app.
Ever since Google Talk has been updated to Hangouts, users have been able to send pictures to each other over chat, making it easier to hold conversations that include transfer of images. It has now come to notice that the images you share over these Hangout conversations end up in your Google+ Photos section as a separate album.

Update 02/09/2017 Google has made its promisse true. It is not longer possible to change album properties through the API. That means you can’t change any of the albums below. But there is hope! I found a way how you can even use protected albums in Event Gallery so there is no need to change anything. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Link to Album Archive showing all your Public albums:
    • Go to Album Archive at
    • If not signed in already, Sign In using your User Name and Password.
    • Copy the Web Address with User ID from the browser address bar
    • Email or publish this web link to anyone you want to be able to view your Public Albums collection.
      • Anyone with a copy of this link can view all your public albums, also newly added albums.
      • The link will also show albums of the type “Limited, anyone with the link” that were viewed in the past while being signed in to the same account.

      Google hangouts albums
      For example:
      My Google+ Profile URL is:
      You can see all your albums there, including your Hangouts albums

      Google hangouts albums
      When you open a picture from Hangouts on the Computer, you can still see in the URL that there is some kind of album. The URL is in the form and you can even browse this album.
      The photos owned by the user uploaded through Hangouts conversation can’t be seen from Google Photos (, only on the owner Google Album Archive.

      Google hangouts albums
      You’ll find Album Archive at the bottom of the list in your About Me settings. This is where you can make tweaks to what people online can see in your account. Album Archive pulls your albums from Google+, Blogger, Picasa, Hangouts, Google Photos, and Google Drive. Each album is fully accessible from inside the Album Archive interface (view, download, and delete), so you won’t be booted over to the service it was originally uploaded to.
      According to Google’s Luke Wroblewski, Album Archive finished rolling out to everyone on August 5: