facebook wall of shame

facebook wall of shame

Facebook wall of shame
We’ve seen a variety of responses in regards to our Facebook Wall of Shame infographic. Some loved it and considered it a welcomed critique. Others were angered that WordStream would dare talk badly of their beloved social media platform. Many were convinced that we had a bone to pick with Facebook or had a personal vendetta.
Facebook has been the central social network that connects people from all over the world and all parts of your life. There are a lot of great things Facebook offers: the chance to reconnect with old friends, share your photos, list your likes, join interest groups, and more. Despite the many wonders the social network offers, we felt that Facebook, boasting approximately 800 million active users and an estimated $4.27 billion in annual revenue, was overdue for a critique. When Facebook released their iPad social utility app in October, which many considered a disappointing failure of an application, we decided it was time to file a list of Facebook failure grievances.

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook! If they’re not on it they’re talking about it, everyone knows what Facebook is and a lot of us have accounts. For those you who are tired of hearing about how great it is, today’s infographic is for you. Entitled Facebook Wall of Shame this infographic details all the failures the company has experienced. Some of these you may have heard of or even used while others, came and went so quick they’ll probably come as a surprise.
As many Facebook users know privacy has been an issue from the very beginning. According to today’s infographic in a conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and a Harvard friend, Zuckerberg offered him any information about anyone at the school. He claimed to have had 4,000 e-mails, pictures, adresses, and SNS saying “people just submitted it…they trust me.” Whether this is true or not I cannot say, but if it is, I’d say it’s disconcerting. Whether you want it to or not Facebook also remembers everything you do thanks to the timeline feature.

Facebook wall of shame
Dodd, a Spotsylvania resident, suggested the Facebook wall be used to help raise the donations. The group raised $5,000 in cash donations, toys, wrapping paper and gift cards and assisted 14 local families by doing so.
One of the page’s shames that drew particular ire was a breakdown of local areas and people on an Ashley Madison list from the website for people seeking to have an affair outside of their marriage, Oh said. Its nationwide database was hacked and posted for the public to view.

  • A slew of privacy snafus: Facebook repeatedly faces criticism for its user-unfriendly privacy policy and default settings that force daily overshares.
  • Constant, unwelcome UX changes: Another day, another Facebook update. The latest changes include a real-time ticker sidebar that turns your friends’ updates into a stream of spam.
  • Facebook Deals: Facebook’s attempt to compete with social deals companies like Groupon and LivingSocial was short-lived – in fact, this venture lasted just four months!
  • Facebook Lite: This was supposed to be a less bandwidth-hungry version of Facebook for use on slower networks, but the company killed it after eight months.
  • “Quit Facebook Day”: In June 2011, Facebook lost 6 million US users, the first time that figure has dropped since its inception. The addictive, mood-killing quality of Facebook along with privacy concerns have driven former fans to quit in droves.

Facebook boasts approximately 800 million active users worldwide and an estimated $4.27 billion in estimated annual revenue – but you don’t approach the 1-billion-users mark without making a few mistakes along the way, right? Facebook’s errors in judgment have included:

Facebook wall of shame
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