facebook event add to google calendar

facebook event add to google calendar

Facebook event add to google calendar
Is there any way to only subscribe to events which I marked as “Interested” or “Attending”. My calendar is full of invitation I’m not interested in 🙂 Thanks!
Amen! Thank you! Have been looking for this everywhere. All the others seem to be outdated. This one works in August 2018!

Facebook event add to google calendar
Facebook events export section
To use it, open a Facebook event page and then click the extension’s calendar icon in your browser toolbar, towards the top right portion of the window. It’ll show you a button to automatically add the event to your calendar.

Facebook event add to google calendar
1. Open a browser on your Mac or PC.
Though the Facebook app only allows you to export events to your mobile phone’s calendar, you can easily add events to a Google Calendar by accessing the Facebook webpage on a browser. Here’s how.

Here’s how to sync Facebook and Google calendar fast ad easy: all you need is a couple of Facebook Events you followed and Google calendar to sync with. You can either export a single event, or export all events you are going to in one action.
It is very convenient to use the Facebook Events you are Going for your calendar, so that you are always updated on the upcoming events and birthdays of your friends. But how to add Facebook Events to calendar?

Facebook event add to google calendar
5. In Outlook, select the File tab.