2019 google font trends for headings

2019 google font trends for headings

2019 google font trends for headings
It’s a font that is just as versatile as its cousin above, thought a bit more classical in style. When paired with the distinctive and bold Raleway, you will get clean and refined typography.
This combination isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the playful nature of both Amatic SC and Josefin Sans definitely make a standout statement, which can work as long as it is used with caution.

2019 google font trends for headings
If you’re launching a magazine-style blog then Arvo can work well as a strong header. But if your blog works better with sans-serif fonts this can be too much. One alternative that’s a bit more subtle is Crete Round but it doesn’t have the same eye-catching appeal as Arvo.
I’ve seen Raleway on many larger blogs and online magazines for its distinct style and large variety of font variations.

2019 google font trends for headings
Open Sans Google font
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2019 google font trends for headings

  1. Playfair Display with Source Sans Pro
  2. Merriweather with Oswald
  3. Montserrat with Merriweather
  4. Raleway with Lato
  5. Elsie with Roboto
  6. Dancing Script with Josefin Sans
  7. Abril Fatface with Roboto
  8. Corben with Nobile
  9. Spirax with Open Sans
  10. Wendy One with Lato
  11. Baloo with Montserrat
  12. Cherry Cream Soda with Raleway
  13. Amaranth with Open Sans
  14. Palanquin with Roboto
  15. Sansita with Open Sans

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2019 google font trends for headings
It really is quick and simple:
The use of typography as a principal design element in the latest trends, means Google Fonts is now a more valuable resource than ever. Its interface and download system is very intuitive and comfortable, whilst allowing you to compare all the fonts and styles available to satisfy the current creative landscape that is fusing bold typography, serif and display fonts, big paragraphs, decorative-styles, and more. Read more about typography taking centre stage here Typography is the new black. Trends in web design